Johanne Kourie, painter

Welcome to my universe of colors!

Amazed by the richness and beauty of the landscape discovered by travelling across Quebec, particularly in the region of Charlevoix, I create works that inspire tranquility and relaxation.

The composition of my paintings, my choice of colors and my attention for details not only aims at reviving a scene of everyday life that had captured my attention, but also to awaken all the senses of the observer. Stop in front of my works; let yourself in my world, enjoy a moment of relaxation and tranquility in the swirling universe today.

Enjoy your journey!

26 June 2019
Opening of my Gallery in Charlevoix
6 June 2019
Exhibit at Plaxall Gallery, NY

Collective show at Plaxll Gallery from June 16th to July 21th 2019.

This show...


Aucun événement pour le moment.


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